About Matthew...

Matthew Cheng is a second year undergraduate LLB student from Singapore. Matthew is one of two Career Secretaries of the University of Bristol Law Club (UBLC). His role consists of organising informal networking events with law firms, managing relations with sponsor firms of the club and updating the Commercial Law Guide. Particularly, bridging the gap between students and career opportunities, as well as enrichment programmes, helpful organisations and engagements that students can look to rely on as a graduate from the University of Bristol.

Matthew seeks to bring his experience interning at Singapore law firms and City Law firms to engage students and firms alike, to value-add to his role and to spur the UBLC forward. Also, he hopes the skills learnt in the military and in his prior studies will contribute in organising new initiatives for the UBLC.

Assuming the role of a Career Secretary, Matthew will like to stress on the essential skills that students should pick up when targeting a career in the legal industry, as well as relevant knowledge that will aid in career growth and advancement.