About Alysha...

Alysha Bodman is a second-year Law undergraduate and the Chair of the Debate for the University of Bristol Law Club (UBLC). In her role as Chair of the Debate, Alysha organises the First-year Debating competition and the prestigious mixed-year Hunt Cup competition.

Alysha is a highly experienced debater, having led the debating societies at both her secondary school and sixth-form. At university she has reached the Quarter-Final of the Hunt Cup and represented the Bristol Debating Union at an external Open competition at Kings College London. Prior to university, Alysha has been committed to youth democracy as a Member of UK Youth Parliament. She has been active on women’s equality issues, speaking on women’s representation in Parliament at the despatch box of the House of Commons and at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations as a youth delegate.

As Chair of the Debate, Alysha plans to introduce a relaxed round table debate for those who are keen to participate in non-competitive debating, while also improving the training and feedback process for debaters who do want to compete. Through this, Alysha is determined to increase the accessibility of debating and widen participation. Alysha has a keen interest in both Public Law and Contract Law and aspires to become a Barrister.