About Lydia...

Lydia Reed is a second year Law Student and the current Chair of Debate. The role involves working closely with Ewan Mennie, Vice-Chair of Debate as well as our kind sponsors, White & Case and DAC Beachcroft, to host our annual debating competitions - the First-year Debating competition and the prestigious mixed-year Hunt Cup competition.

Lydia has broad debating experience, continuing her interest that sparked during sixth-form through to her first year in Bristol. She was the winner of the First-year debating competition at university, and represented Bristol against UCL in the Inter-varsity debate earlier in 2019.

As Chair of the Debate, Lydia plans to continue the relaxed round table debate, with greater frequency, to encourage non-competitive debating, while also improving audience participation to promote greater consideration for the motions at hand. Through this, Lydia is determined to increase the accessibility of debating and widen participation for all.