"On 1 May 2017 CMS's drive for mass expansion finally came to fruition as it merged with Olswang and Nabarro. CMS is the big daddy of the trio: the merged firm carries its name (though it's officially called 'CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP')."

The Firm

With 72 offices in over 40 countries, CMS is an international law firm. In 2017, CMS UK, Nabarro LLP and Olswang LLP combined in what was the largest ever merger in the UK legal industry. The new combined firm, CMS, is now the 6th largest in the UK by revenue and the 6th largest globally by headcount.

The Work

CMS is a new kind of future-facing law firm. By combining top quality sector expertise with international scale and a strategy to become a progressive technology-driven firm, CMS delivers excellence for its clients and is committed to ensuring all employees achieve their full potential. Across its six core sectors of Energy, Financial Services, Infrastructure and Project Finance, Lifesciences and Healthcare, Real Estate and Technology, Media and Communications, CMS has some of the brightest and most creative legal minds. Its lawyers are immersed in the clients’ worlds, are genuine experts in their fields and knowledgeable about the issues that lies ahead.

The Future

The Firm is modern and ambitious: employing more than 5,500 fee earners worldwide it creates strong relationships with clients and staff, meaning it is looking for lawyers with excellent personal skills as well as being technically strong. In return, CMS offers world-class training and development opportunities.


Open days, First Year Scheme, Campus Ambassador Role, Vacation Schemes, Training Contracts

Apply for First Steps or the CMS Academy by 3 January 2018: www.graduates.cms-cmno.com