About Annie...

Annie Sheldon is a second-year law undergraduate and the current ‘Diversity and Inclusion Officer’.  Having entered the University as a ‘Pathways to Law’ student, a programme for individuals from non-privileged backgrounds, Annie is determined to ensure that all members are provided with every possible opportunity to succeed.  

Alongside her role on the UBLC committee, Annie also works for the University’s ‘Widening Participation Team’ as a ‘Student Ambassador’ and ‘Pathways to Law Mentor’.  Furthermore, Annie also participates in programmes offered by other organisations such as ‘Aspiring Solicitors’ and plans to work with these, as well as other societies within the University, in order to benefit our members.

The UBLC, awarded ‘Most Committed to Diversity’, is dedicated to ensuring that all of our members are represented and included, regardless of their background or circumstances.  This is an initiative that Annie is genuinely passionate about continuing, and improving upon even further.