About Samuel...

Samuel Dwarika is a second-year undergraduate LLB student from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, who currently holds the position as International Student Officer of the University of Bristol Law Club (UBLC). Samuel’s role in the Law Club seeks to promote inclusivity of the various cultures and ethnicities of international student who attend the University and are a part of the UBLC.

Samuel is committed to providing an avenue where diversity can be recognised and represented across the club, this involves events which are designed to cater for various cultural interest, such as the diversity in food, language, clothes and religion, which make up an inherent part for International students, who leave their current way of life and embark upon a completely new one.

Prior to university, Samuel was involved in several noteworthy events. He was nominated by his school to take part in the National Youth Parliament, where he received the highest position as Speaker of the House. This opportunity meant that he had to ensure the overall running of Parliament was smooth and all MPs were given an opportunity to debate and discuss the issues relevant. Additionally, Samuel was also nominated to attend the Global Young Leaders Conference, where he participated in the Model United Nations. This event afforded Samuel the position as President of Russia, where he was given the opportunity to lead his ‘country’ into the UN debates, meetings and councils. As International Student Officer, Samuel hopes to increase diversity and inclusiveness in UBLC by international students, by ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident in an entirely new culture and environment.