About Christie...

Christie Sabga is a second year undergraduate LLB student from the tiny Carribean island of Trinidad and Tobago. As International Student Officer of the University of Bristol Law Club, Christie aims to promote a more welcoming environment, through cultural and ethnic inclusivity, at the University of Bristol. She attended The International School of Port of Spain and lived on a small but diverse island (often called a "melting pot"), which has shaped the way she interacts with many cultures. As a result of these experiences, Christie has been an active global citizen with an open mind and a deep admiration for travelling and experiencing the world.

During her summer holidays prior to university, Christie attended The Oxford Tradition program and the Boston University Summer Challenge, experiencing a taster session of Law in the US and the UK. In her senior year she completed an internship at Fitzwilliam Stone Furness- Smith and Morgan. She received the opportunity of shadowing the head of a legal department at a conglomerate in Trinidad. Christie was the President of her school's National Honour Society during her senior year and an executive member in her student council throughout her secondary education. Both tasks enhanced her skills as a speaker and leader, making Christie a two time recipient of the highest award at her school for "loyalty and dedication to the community". Her involvement in her school's annual International Food Festival with cultural showcases from over 20 nations, as well as participating as a flag bearer at four UN Parade of the Nation's Flags, encourages Christie to be an advocate for cultural awareness.

Christie intends to create a home away from home for the students of the University of Bristol. Through more frequent and exciting get togethers, she aims to encourage people of different backgrounds to build new bonds, allowing students to make friends from around the globe. Moving to a new country can be daunting, therefore Christie endeavours to open the minds and make international students feel more welcome and happy in their new home away from home. Her goals also include increasing international work opportunities for both foreign and national students, which are invaluable learning opportunities. Christie looks forward to her second year and hopes that her deep appreciation for not only sharing her own culture but experiencing the tastes, sounds, smells and customs of many others will transcend through her devotion to the position of International Student Officer.