About Billie...

Billie is a second-year law student and along with Ashreyna, she is one of the Junior Mistresses of the Moot for the University of Bristol Law Club (UBLC) in 2017/2018.

Being a member of the UBLC’s highly sought after ‘Herbert Smith Freehills’s Mooting Competition’ during her first-year at the University helped Billie to develop both her advocacy skills and legal interest, as she relished engaging with each given case as well as pursuing the opportunity to gain relevant legal practice skills, whilst immersing herself into both the study of law and University life. Due to gaining a high level achievement and satisfaction from successes in this competition, Billie relishes the opportunity to play an active role in the Law School during the second-year of her degree, in order to both promote and organise the mooting competition for two years of students.

Having gained an insight into city law firms throughout her first-year, Billie has a genuine interest in the international aspects of the law, and hopes to be involved in a truly global firm which can provide her with the relevant and valuable insight necessary to achieve her ambitions.