About Monica

Monica Lee is a third-year EU undergraduate LLB student from Spain. As the Logistics and Materials Coordinator of the UBLC Negotiation Committee, Monica is responsible for preparing and organising all the necessary materials for the competition, as well as providing support to the rest of the Committee.

Interested in a career as a solicitor, Monica has worked with multiple law firms both in Spain and the UK learning about different fields and markets as well as attending negotiation meetings. Although fascinated by negotiation and a career in law, Monica is also keen in exploring other fields such as investment banking, taking on an internship at a start-up investment fund.

As a semi-finalist in the 2017 Second-Year Negotiation Competition, Monica believes that negotiation brings out key skills beneficial for a career both inside and outside law. Therefore, she is committed to make negotiation skills available to everyone both through competitions and workshops.