Parenting Scheme

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Parenting Scheme

The UBLC parenting scheme is aimed at helping freshers transition into life as a law student. Freshers are paired with second year law students based upon their likes and dislikes and the second years are then there to help them both academically and socially. The socials the parenting scheme runs are some of the best the UBLC has to offer making the events an unmissable part of any law students calendar.

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Get to know your new family at our families pub-quiz with free food and drinks.

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A great club night...with a twist! Here the fresher's dress up as babies and second-years dress up as your parents and grandparents. 

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The UBLC takes over the 'Everyman' cinema in Bristol!


Time for a family reunion for the last parenting social of the year. Get ready for a final huge club night out in Bristol!


Wellness Week


Coming Soon!