Sanya's Story

As a female, born into a Pakistani family, I come from a background that is generally underrepresented in the legal profession. However, the UBLC has so much to offer when it comes to diversity and inclusion. In my second year, the Law Club worked closely with Aspiring Solicitors, a national organisation that aims to increase diversity in the legal profession. For example, they jointly organised the Diversity Panel Presentation, delivered by lawyers from different backgrounds, which helped me to appreciate that opportunities in law really are open to everyone. I have also attended several networking events via the Law Club, which has helped me to boost my CV and get to know different law firms. The fact that each of the Law Club’s events are open to all its members means that everyone, regardless of their background, can get involved and develop their skills. For me, being a member of the Law Club has played an important part in my development at University and I’m keen to take what I’ve learned with me into a diverse workplace after I graduate.