About Khush...

Khush Kotecha is a second-year undergraduate LLB student and Vice-Chair of the Debate. In his role, he helps to organise the UBLC’s debating competition, the Hunt Cup.

Last year, Khush was a finalist in the Winston Cup debating competition and reached the latter stages of the Hunt Cup. Prior to university, Khush was actively involved in debating and attended 12 Model United Nations conferences. Through these experiences, he understands the benefit of debating on advocacy skills. This year, he aims to increase participation in the Hunt Cup whilst also setting up a new debating competition solely for first-year law students, to introduce them to university level debating.

Khush is aiming to pursue a career in commercial law, having taken part in first-year schemes, he also spent the holidays as a summer associate at a leading international law firm in Germany. Outside of academics, he plays the trumpet for the university jazz orchestra and represented his hall of residence in intramural cricket and badminton, as well as writing for DICTA, the university law magazine.

He looks forward to a productive year with the UBLC.