About Alicia...

Alicia Lee is a second-year law MA student and postgraduate Mistress of the Moot. The postgraduate moot involves a set number of candidates competing over a number of rounds to be crowned champion, Alicia was the winner in 2016 and through this, is hoping to further improve the quality of this prestigious competition.

Through gaining work experience at both Burges Salmon and Moore Blatch where she has gained a key insight into commercial law, with key interests being agricultural commercial law and the ever developing legal world of the bloodstock industry.

Through studying an agricultural and business degree before embarking on the postgraduate conversion course, she aims to help promote the skills of other postgraduates that have come from un-conventional degrees.

As previously mentioned, Alicia aims to further improve the postgraduate moot and to help competitors acquire the much sort after skills that participating in a mooting competition requires.