About Daryl...

Daryl Seow is a second-year law undergraduate from Singapore and is the President of the UBLC. In his role as President, Daryl manages the society’s relationship with over 60 partners and has overall responsibility for all Law Club events. Under his purview, he coordinates the club’s affairs alongside the university and law faculty, expanding on wider opportunities for law students and members alike. 

In his first year, he was a participant in both the negotiation and mooting competitions, finishing as a quarter-finalist in the latter. With a keen interest in commercial law, Daryl has participated in several first-year insights and schemes, aspiring not only to further his own career but to foster greater relations with firms and organisations. As an international student, he has a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal industry. Being a first-year candidate as part of SEO London’s Corporate Law and Aspiring Solicitors First Year Plus Programmes, he endeavours to provide greater awareness of career opportunities for students of all demographics. 

Prior to university, Daryl served two years as a Chief Staff Coordinator as part of his National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces. With a diverse upbringing spending time between Singapore and Australia, Daryl hopes to provide a perspective and vision focused on taking the club to greater heights.