About Eu-Fern...

Eu-Fern Lai is a second year undergraduate law student from Malaysia and is the Press Secretary of the University of Bristol Law Club. In her role as the Press Secretary, Eu-Fern manages the society’s social media platforms, web-maintenance, marketing, and acts as the preliminary spokesperson through Facebook.

Eu-Fern's passion lies in human rights law, thanks to her past experiences having dealt with the underprivileged. Prior to university, Eu-Fern has tutored disadvantaged children in English on a weekly basis as part of a literacy program that she headed in college, as well as volunteered in a number of non-governmental organizations that advocated women's rights in Malaysia. She has also previously worked at a Malaysian law firm, Rashid Tasin KL Tan & Low. Over the summer of 2018, she interned at a human rights and law reform initiative called Lawyers for Liberty in Malaysia that operated alongside public interest law firm Daim & Gamany, where she aided in the preparation of a report on police custodial deaths in Malaysia and conducted interviews with families of the deceased.

Eu-Fern is looking forward to having a great year with the University of Bristol Law Club, and promises to do her best in her role as Press Secretary.