About Sarath...

Sarath is a second-year undergraduate law student and is one of the two social secretaries in the University of Bristol Law Club (UBLC). Working alongside his partner, Savina Sangha, his aim to ensure that all socials are nothing short of spectacular by catering to whatever the needs and likes of the students.

During the year in his role, Sarath will not only carry on popular events, but also look to expand and redefine the meaning of a social to accommodate different interests and goals by venturing into new areas such as charity as well as holding the historically popular socials that will allow each year to integrate and connect with each other outside the academic setting.

Apart from taking part in many UBLC socials, Sarath is currently a member of the University of Bristol Swimming and Waterpolo Club and hopes to use the skills gained from this role towards the society. As an easygoing and friendly individual, Sarath is open to any suggestions and questions both to make the society a better experience as well as general university life.