About Savina...

Savina is one of the Social Secretaries for the UBLC which involves organising the social events for all members of the Club. Due to the large size of the Law cohort, meeting new people can be slightly daunting so she is keen to ensure that all members have many opportunities to socialise. The work for the degree can sometimes be a little overwhelming......so Savina believes it’s super important that people also make time to engage in the social aspects of the degree.

Starting second year of her Law degree, she is excited to continue the legacy of the extravagant Winter and Spring Balls and the memorable Annual Trip Abroad which is always popular. Expect many fun-filled bar crawls, clubbing, and trips outside the Uni!

In addition to taking part in many UBLC socials, Savina is hardworking and dedicated, as shown through her position as a Peer Mentor at the Student Inclusion Team and hopes to use the valuable skills gained from this role to benefit the society. In being involved in many other societies in Uni, she has a strong idea of what is needed for a successful social event.