About Yun Lee...

Yun Lee is a second year undergraduate LLB student from South Korea and Treasurer of the University of Bristol Law Club. Having experienced treasurer role and tax accounting work, Yun has immense experience in the field of finance which will aid her in carrying out her responsibilities as treasurer. Yun’s role requires her to manage the UBLC’s budget, ensure that all events are sufficiently financed and that the society is financially sustained throughout the year.

Yun will also undertake the role of treasurer of Students4students Bristol Branch. Yun thrives on being active with long to-do lists, assisting, motivating and encouraging, and will therefore always be as involved as she can. As Treasurer Yun intends to conduct her responsibilities in the most transparent manner possible, communicating with her fellow committee members and ensuring that their proposals are granted the most suitable financial attention permitted by the budget.

She is excited for the year ahead and looks forward to building relationships with their fellow committee members and club members on a whole.