About Serge...

Serge is a second-year undergraduate student studying law. Having been born in Turkmenistan and spent time living in Turkey and the UK, he has developed strong interest in international opportunities existing in the career in law. Serge is particularly interested in emerging economies, where he would be able to make use of his understanding of the local business environment and the knowledge of English, Russian, and Turkish.

On campus, Serge has been actively involved with both the UBLC, participating in the first-year negotiation competition and the external opportunities, achieving the semi-final of the nationwide Aspiring Solicitors Commercial Awareness Competition.

Being a member of the Rare Recruitment Articles Programme and Aspiring Solicitors First Programme, Serge is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal sector.

As Vice President, Serge endeavours to assist the President in building and maintaining relationships with sponsors, providing greater awareness of legal and non-legal career opportunities, and engaging with the UBLC members to ensure that they receive the necessary support and make use of the opportunities provided by the Club.